USA Songwriting Competition Podcast 2014

  1. “Believer” – American Authors
  2. “Chemistry” – Tony DeSare
  3. “Rather Go Blind” – Auburn Williams
  4. “How Could I Not” – Johnny Bulford
  5. “Half A Heart” – Gail Swanson & Willie Nelson
  6. “Broken Glass” – David Francey
  7. “Pega no Coco” – Badi Assad
  8. “Let The Joy Rise” – Abigail

One Response to “USA Songwriting Competition Podcast 2014”

  1. D in The Darling, The Songwriter says:

    Sounds cool. The quality is really great.
    How I wish I’d have been part of it this year. Sadly, it seems like for us who are miles and miles away from The USA or UK chances of winning are very slim. Can somebody urge me to keep entering these competitions, please!

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