IAMA Results                                               

Here are the results of the 13th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards):

We thank all entrants and sponsors. Meanwhile, here are the top winners:



Tim Schou (DENMARK)

FIRST PRIZE: "Voyaguer" by Rob Tardik (CANADA)
RUNNER-UP: "Reflections" by Billy Rogan

FIRST PRIZE: "Turn to Gold" by Joel Ansett
RUNNER-UP: "Something" by Sophie Clark

FIRST PRIZE: "Completely Crazy" by Alec Chambers
RUNNER-UP: "Hundred Dollar Bill" by Jeremy Edwards

FIRST PRIZE: "Crossing the Bar" by Bertie Higgins & Bellamy Brothers
RUNNER-UP: "For You" by NEeMA, featuring Emmylou Harris (CANADA & USA)

FIRST PRIZE: "Drive" by The Well Pennies
RUNNER-UP: "Every day is Not the Same" by Sigrid Sørgaard Band (NORWAY)

FIRST PRIZE: "Novocaine" by Tim Schou (DENMARK)
RUNNER-UP: "When Darkness Finds You" by Josef Church (AUSTRALIA)

FIRST PRIZE: "Heartbreak Is Contagious" by Kris Angelis
RUNNER-UP: "Will You Take Me Home" by Madlyn Hall

FIRST PRIZE: "Heart That Speaks" by Jayne Sachs
RUNNER-UP: "Carolina Water" by Kassidy Lynne


The Finalists list:

Name of song Finalist Name(s)
Off High Center Scott Greer
Voyaguer Rob Tardik
Double Crush Les Finnigan
Watercolors Jordan E. Spivack
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz David Naiditch
Reflections Billy Rogan
M.J.. Bruce Gertz
Illumination Joseph L Young
Fields Yehonatan Bar-Ilan
And It Was Good The Andrew Collins Trio
Before You Jude Johnstone
Come So Far Nitanee Paris, Ryan Higgins & DJ Cheapshot 
Trinity, Father JoJo Worthington
Something Sophie Clark
Mizu no Utsuwa Hiromi Suda
Turn to Gold Joel Ansett
The Memory Line Franz Mang
On The Water Catherine M Thompson
Stranded By The Sea Debra Gussin
Where Peaceful Waters Flow  Billy Bryon
Way To You Maayan
Try Try Try (Acoustic) Rachael Sage
Somebody Like Me Kate Lush
LIKE WATER Bonnie Warren
Hundred Dollar Bill Jeremy Edwards
A Sweet Suspicion Michael Shynes
Dancing With Fire Anthony Mossburg
Completely Crazy Alec Chambers
Red Lights Dustin Jake
Many Moons Jim Wolf
To and Fro The Krickets
Little Chicago Hope Schneir
For You NEeMA, featuring Emmylou Harris
Love You Strong  Terri Hendrix
The Old man and the Sea Bertie Higgins
Crossing the Bar Bertie Higgins & Bellamy Brothers
Kaleidoscope Reagan Johnson
Firefly Ian Sherwood
Safe Haven Peco Mc Loughlin
Leave Me Alone Dione Taylor
Nothing Lasts Forever Nico Collins, Chelsea Collins
While You Fade Away The Happy Fits
Fatilliku Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita
Drive The Well Pennies
Say Hello Big Little Lions
Lion Eyes Beth // James, Mikaela Kahn & Jordan Burchill
Bring Your Fire to Me Beth // James, Mikaela Kahn & Jordan Burchill
There's a Place Maria and Kirk Benham
Everyday is Not the Same Sigrid Sørgaard Band
So Slowly The Mysterious Chords
The Way That You Want Brett Perkins
Don't You Know Patrick Joseph
Ten Good Years Joseph Pfeifer
Ghostess Jake Morley
Beside Me Riccardo Simpson
Novocaine Tim Schou
Scarlett Frank Dixon
When Darkness Finds You Josef Church
Loved You So Lewis Loh
Black Crow Cloud Jaron Annick Reid
Where Do You Go Marty Cintron
I Don't Know My Name Grace VanderWaal
Will You Take Me Home Madlyn Hall
Echo Katie Stump
Cupid (Take it Back) Sophia Bacino
Gonna Get Up Cara Smith
Heartbreak Is Contagious Kris Angelis
I Will Be (The Pillow Song) Tanya Darling
Shine Christine Parker
My Turn Maddy Newton
Necessary Groove Katherine Farnham
The Devil and Me Ira Wolf
Heart That Speaks Jayne Sachs
Down Down Down Genevieve Charbonneau
Carolina Water Kassidy Lynne
Who Will Pray For Me? Kathy Boyd
This Livin' May Be Killing Me Buddy Guido
Down The Road Dwayne Ferris
Nowhere With You SaraBeth Swagerty
Quit Playing Hard To Get Andy Hill & Renee Safier
Teardrops Mike Hyden




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